I met Aubrey when she was a year old.  Now Aubrey is a beautiful 18 month old girl.  She was not what I would call excited to have her pictures taken, but not scared either.  At first when we put her in front of the camera, she looked back at us as if to say, do you want me to just stand here or what.  That made it easy to keep her in one place, which is the biggest challenge when take pictures of kids this age.  Of course we want Aubrey to smile as well as stay in one place and she did not disappoint!   

Aubrey's mom started playing some music and she lit up.  Now I am not talking about "The Wheels on the Bus" kind of music, we were listen to music that brought me back to high school!  I must say, Aubrey has great taste! 

At 18 months, Aubrey has fun dancing (to great music) and reading books.  She love to eat macaroni and cheese and fruit.   She also uses one of my favorite "sippy cups".  I use quotes, because it is not really a normal sippy cup.  Aubrey likes the Munchkin 360, because it is less messy to drink out of than a standard sippy.  I like it for Jack because he can't make it leak!  Jack takes traditional sippy cups and turns them upside down so he can play with the contents.

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I just love her adorable smile.  Doesn't she have the most perfect teeth!

18 month old girl pictures columbus oh photographer
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18 month baby girl photography columbus oh