There is something so unique about a baby in its first few weeks of life.  Their newborn-ness disappears so quickly.  I love capturing those first days of a baby's life.  Newborn sessions are typically held in my home studio when the baby is between 5 and 14 days old. When you book your session, I will mark your due date on my calendar.  Once your new baby arrives, we can schedule a specific date.   Newborn sessions generally run around two hours.  When you arrive for your session, we can chat while we pick out some sweet backdrops, wraps and/or outfits.  If the little one is asleep, or awake and clam, we will take her pictures first.  If your a baby is not sleepy, then we can start with family pictures, or if you guys do not want any pictures of yourselves, we will start with ones where you are holding her but are not really in the picture.  With newborns, patience is important, so during the process if your little one  needs to eat or needs to be cuddled by mommy, we will take a break.  Don't worry about taking time to get the baby settled, we will take as much time as we need or the baby will tolerate.